State House Diaspora Unit Holds Productive Meeting with Uganda Embassy in Brussels

Fri, 08/25/2023

The State House Diaspora Unit recently conducted a successful visit to the Uganda Embassy in Brussels, Belgium, affirming the government's commitment to engaging effectively with the diaspora community. The courtesy call discussed critical issues such as diaspora mobilisation, increasing remittances, and improving consular services for Ugandans living abroad. The meeting proved to be another stepping stone towards strengthening the bond between Uganda and its diaspora.

Engaging the Diaspora: A Key Priority

Recognising the substantial contributions made by the Ugandan diaspora to the nation's development, the State House Diaspora Unit has made engaging with this community a top priority. The visit to the Uganda Embassy in Brussels served as an opportunity to foster a robust and collaborative relationship that addresses the concerns and aspirations of Ugandans living abroad.

Enhancing Diaspora Mobilization

One of the core objectives of the meeting was to explore ways to enhance diaspora mobilisation. The State House Diaspora Unit aims to create a structured platform for engaging with the diaspora community, enabling them to participate in national development initiatives. By mobilising the skills, expertise, and resources of Ugandans residing outside the country, the unit seeks to channel their contributions towards various sectors, including investment, trade, tourism, and knowledge exchange.

Increasing Remittances for Economic Growth

Remittances play a vital role in the economic growth of Uganda. Recognising their significance, the State House Diaspora Unit and the Uganda Embassy in Brussels discussed strategies to encourage increased remittances from Ugandans abroad. This collaborative effort aims to educate the diaspora community about the various channels available for secure and efficient remittance transfers, thereby maximising their contributions towards the country's development.

Improving Consular Services

Providing efficient and accessible consular services is crucial in ensuring the well-being and protection of Ugandans living abroad. During the discussion, the State House Diaspora Unit and the Uganda Embassy underscored the importance of streamlining and strengthening service delivery. Efforts will be made to address challenges faced by the diaspora community, such as prompt issuance of passports, processing visa applications, and providing timely consular assistance in emergencies.

Towards a Brighter Future

The courtesy call to the Uganda Embassy in Brussels marks a significant milestone in establishing a solid bond between the government of Uganda and its diaspora community. The State House Diaspora Unit's commitment to engaging with the diaspora and the embassy's dedication to providing efficient consular services signifies a progressive approach towards harnessing the immense potential of Uganda's global citizens.

By mobilising the diaspora community, encouraging increased remittances, and improving consular services, Uganda aims to create an enabling environment for its citizens abroad to contribute effectively towards the nation's development. The fruitful discussion during the courtesy call sets the stage for closer collaboration between the government and the diaspora, eventually leading to a brighter and more prosperous future for Uganda and its global citizens.