Mission's Mandate to the Diaspora

The mandate of the Embassy of Uganda in Brussels to Ugandans residing in Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands:

  1. Consular Services: The Embassy's primary mandate is to provide consular services to Ugandans in Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. This includes assisting with passport and visa applications consular registrations, and providing support in times of emergencies, such as lost documents or medical issues.
  2. Promoting Bilateral Relations: The Embassy aims to enhance and strengthen bilateral relations between Uganda and the host countries. This includes fostering economic, cultural, and diplomatic ties through engagement with local authorities, businesses, organizations, and individuals and promoting trade and investment opportunities between Uganda, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.
  3. Enhancing Uganda's Image: The Embassy is responsible for promoting a positive and accurate image of Uganda among the residents of Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. This involves highlighting Uganda's cultural heritage, tourism attractions, and investment opportunities and facilitating cultural exchange programs to foster intercultural understanding and appreciation.
  4. Community Support and Assistance: The Embassy is committed to supporting and assisting the Ugandan community residing in the region. This encompasses offering legal, social, and welfare guidance, facilitating community events, and promoting social cohesion among Ugandans living in Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.
  5. Promoting Ugandan Culture and Values: The Embassy aims to celebrate and preserve Ugandan culture and values within the diaspora community. This involves organizing cultural events, supporting educational initiatives, and fostering a sense of identity and pride among Ugandans living abroad.
  6. Providing Information and Resources: The Embassy endeavours to serve as a reliable source of information and resources for Ugandans in the region. This includes disseminating information on government policies, programs, and developments in Uganda and providing access to relevant contacts, networks, and services within the host countries.