The Ministry of Internal Affairs has rolled out new electronic passports which will be launched  February 2019. This passport has new security features in line with international standards. The old passports will no longer be issued and will be phased out on 31st January 2021.
All passports will be printed in Kampala by the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration until new machinery is availed to some missions abroad. see attached for more details

The following are the prices of different types of passports;

1. Ordinary passport                                                          UGX 250,000
2. Service passport                                                            UGX 400,000
3. Diplomatic passport                                                        UGX 500,000
4. Express processing services                                            UGX 150,000
5. Courier service for applicants abroad                              UGX 10,000
6. Certification of passport                                                  UGX 30,000
7. Fine for replacement of lost or damaged passport            UGX 100,000

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