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Source of the Nile Trail Challenge

Tuesday, 15th September 2020
The attention of media houses and journalists is drawn to the Source of the Nile Trail Challenge, a running and cycling event, that will take place on September 27 2020, and which we trust you will publicise.



Because of the uncertainty caused by the unprecedented global pandemic of Covid-19, the Activate Uganda team will stage the race as a virtual event. This will be disappointing news to all participants who have trained hard and were looking forward to racing along the banks of River Nile. But we thank them for their patience as we address a situation that none of us have faced before.



Despite changing the event from the normal race to a virtual event, we will make the Virtual Source of the Nile Trail Challenge exciting, bringing participants from all over the world together, sharing their experience worldwide. So far, they come from Uganda, USA, UK, South Africa, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and India.



Participants must:

· be a fully paid up before race day;

· share a WhatsApp number to distribute their run or bike result;

· complete the registered distance starting at a time on 27 September and finishing before midnight (in their country’s time);

. inform Activate if they do not start the event on the day - they will be marked as a non-starter; 

· complete the distance they registered for, or they will be counted as a non-finisher;

· post their run/bike result to us Activate no later than midday on 28 September.



· a virtual personalised race number will be sent to participants via email to print and wear on the day;  

· results will only be accepted if accompanied by an image from a device that records time and distance (Strava, Garmin, TomTom, Polar etc.);

· Activate would like participants to share a small video of participant’s run/cycle experience i.e. a 30 – 60 sec video clip, with full name, country, distance and a summary of race experience.



The Challenge will be contested over a choice of five distances: 5km, 12km, 25km, 50km runs and a 30km mountain bike ride.



Registration is between 10 August and 25 September 2020. The fees for all the runs and for the bike ride are:  

·         60,000 ugx or $18 USD



Children U-14 years can only participate in 5km and 12km runs. Their registration fee is 40,000 ugx or $15 USD.





· The attached form should be completed. Payment via Mobile Money is also OK for those with access to this payment method, payable to +256 755017066.



Stunning, excellent quality, Hyper Sports Running T-shirts, with a “Finishers” logo, will be on sale at 90,000 UGX or $25 USD each.



· permanent numbers will be issued in sequence, starting at 1, to any athlete who completes the 5, 12, 25 or 50km runs, or 30 km bike challenge 3 times (3 years);

· the runs do not have to be completed in consecutive years;

· once participants have been awarded a permanent number they will be able to claim a race number that will remain theirs’ only. This number they will wear on their bib at all future events;

· the number prefix (5, 12, 25, 30 or 50) for the permanent number is based on the event completed most times e.g. 25km completed twice and 50 km once, the  permanent number will start with 25;  

· note that the bike and run permanent numbers are separate events (i.e. participants can get a bike & run number if they do 3 years in each.  Bike & Run cannot be added together);    



· numbers will be emailed to all registered participants



The Source of the Nile Trail Challenge is a prestigious event that should not be missed!

Alex Matovu

CEO Activate Uganda

Office +256 (0) 755 017066