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Uganda fully compliant with Obligations of the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Thursday, 3rd December 2015
Mr Pius Bigirimana, PS. Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development with Amb. Mirjam Blaak
Uganda was proud to announce to the Conference delegates that on 12 November 2015 its Parliament adopted the "Toxic Chemicals Prohibition and Control Bill 2015" which means that Uganda is now fully compliant with the obligations arising out of the Chemical Weapons Convention which Uganda ratified in 2001.

Uganda,  as a non-possessor state, further committed itself: to achieve a world free of chemical weapons by destroying existing chemical weapons and preventing their re-emergence. This endeavour is a collective one that can only be achieved through a cooperative and multilateral approach and in this regard called on the four remaining states Egypt, Israel, North Korea and South Sudan to ratify the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) as a matter of urgency thus achieving full Universality of the CEC leading to a chemical weapons free world.

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