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PGA meets Foreign Affairs and Development Committees of the European Parliament

Friday, 12th June 2015
PGA Sam Kutesa between Hon. Elmar Brok and Hon. Linda McAvan. Photo/Pietro Naj-Oleari
In a meeting with members of the Foreign Affairs \r\nand Development Committees of the European Parliament, co-chaired by \r\nHon. Elmar Brok and Hon. Linda McAvan respectively, the President of the\r\n General Assembly stressed that the post-2015 development agenda \r\nrepresents an unprecedented opportunity to change the world for the \r\nbetter. Furthermore, he emphasized the importance of putting the world \r\non a path toward sustainable development that will improve the lives of \r\npeople around the world, while also taking into account the need to \r\nprotect the environment and address the challenges of climate change.
President\r\n Kutesa underlined the importance of a renewed global partnership and \r\ninnovative measures that will ensure adequate means of implementation \r\nare put into place to turn the aspirations of the new development \r\nframework into reality. President Kutesa stressed the need to fulfil \r\ncommitments on Official Development Aid, and taking a comprehensive \r\napproach that includes boosting domestic resource mobilization, \r\nunlocking resources held in pension funds, capital markets, sovereign \r\nwealth funds, among others, as well as involvement of the private \r\nsector, technology development and transfer and capacity building. He \r\ncommended the EU for the recent reaffirmation of its commitment to the \r\n0.7 percent of GNI as ODA and 0.20 percent of GNI to LDCs.