Other Documents Provided by the Embassy


1. Legalized documents - 35 Euro per page

2.Certificate of Proof of Nationality - 35 Euro per page.


1. Certificate of Non- Impediment:

This is a letter required before marrigae to prove that the applicant has never been married before. The Embassy doesnot provide this certificate. It can only be at the Registrar General's Office in Kampala. For information on how to apply for this document, please visit the website www.ursb.go.ug or call +256414235915.

2. Birth and Death Certificates:

Please note that the Embassy does not provide the above certificates. They can be applied for at the Registrar General's Office using the contacts provided above.

  • When the applicant receives any of the above documents from Kampala, they will have to take them to the Uganda Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kampala for legalisation and there after, they can submit them to the Belgian or Dutch Embassy in Kampala. Finally they can bring them to the Uganda Embassy in Brussels for final legalization before submitting them.

Requirements for other documents:

  1.  Legalization of documents -  Official Letter requesting for the legalisation of the document.
  2.  Certificate of Proof of Nationality  - A Ugandan birth certificate and passport should be provided.